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Magic Celebration @ CSW on Saturday, December 5 (ALL DAY)

Want a Tarmogoyf for Free?
Have you ever wanted to learn to play Magic?

Well on Saturday, December 5 from 10AM - 9PM you can both win this card, and learn to play, or just play some different then normal games of Magic The Gathering.

We are having our own Magic Celebration Day @ CSW.

What is Magic Celebration?
Our Magic Celebration Day is your chance to play Magic all day.  Standard, EDH, Tiny Leaders, Pauper, Pauper EDH, Modern, Legacy or even just regular draft.  We are trying to introduce as many new players to the game of Magic as possible on December 5 but we also want to introduce players to new formats of Magic.

So whether you are someone who as played since ALPHA or someone who has never played come out to the shop on Saturday, December 5 anytime and play Magic.


We even have stuff to give you for coming.

  • Come out and play at least one game and earn a raffle ticket.
  • Bring someone who has never played, if they get a DCI number they get a raffle ticket and a FREE Magic deck plus you get another raffle ticket.
  • Get a raffle ticket for every booster that you buy that day.
  • Every game you win earns you another raffle ticket.

Raffle ticket drawings at noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm
The prizes for the drawing will be based on the total number of people currently on the list from the entire date.  You must be present to win.

5 - 10 people = 2 booster of Battle for Zendikar.

11 - 20 people = 4 boosters of Battle for Zendikar.

21 - 30 people = 2 raffle tickets will be drawn for free entry to a BFZ draft to start at 5PM.

31 - 40 people = 5 raffle tickets will be drawn for free entry to a BFZ draft to start at 5PM. 

41 - 49 people = Battle For Zendikar Booster Box or Oath of the Gatewatch Booster Box (available in January).

50 or more people = Tarmogoyf

(If we hit 50 players early, on the next scheduled raffle we will draw 1 tier down, so as long as we hit 50 for the day all of the items listed will be given out).



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