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Local Comic Shop Day - Saturday, November 28 #LCSD

Are you a comic book variant collector?
If so then Local Comic Shop Day is just for you.

In addition to the HUGE sale on all older variant covers we will have a ton of EXCLUSIVE variants made only for this special INAUGURAL EVENT.

Variants include (but not limited to):
  • Jughead #1 (Archie Comics) (limited to 750 copies worldwide)
  • Shield #1 (Archie Comics) (limited to 500 copies worldwide)
  • Klaus #1 (Offering a different take on the origin of Santa Claus).
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III #1
  • Dark Knight III Master Race #1 (Original Dark Knight Series was what the upcoming Superman vs Batman motion picture was based on).
  • Back to the Future #1 (limited to 2500 copies worldwide)
  • All New, All Different Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics)
  • All New Wolverine #1 (Marvel Comics) (limited to 500 copies worldwide)
  • Invader Zim Treasury Edition (Super-Size)
  • Rick & Morty Treasury Edition (Super-Size)

Some of these we have only received 1 of and we can not reserve any in advance (a rule of participation).  Make sure you stop in early if you are interested in any.

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