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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday Sales #blackfriday #blackfriday2015

I'm not ready to tell you the sales yet for Black Friday.

I will release all of the sales at 5PM tonight on our website and on Facebook.

Just a reminder we open at 7AM on Friday, November 27.

I'm sure there will be a line out front but we will not unlock the doors until exactly 7AM to let people in.  For those looking for the AEG Black Box, I understand we are getting somewhere between 2 and 6 copies.  It is looking like it's going to be closer to the lower number (sorry we tried to get more).

No pushing or shoving or hard feelings if you don't get one.

DOOR BUSTER sales from 7AM - 9AM.

After 9AM we will dial back the sales percent a little bit, but rest assured the sales will still be AMAZING !!

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