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Halloween ComicFest 2015 - Cosplay Contest- #HalloweenComicFest #CSWComicFest2015

Cosplay contest all day Saturday, October 31.


1> There are two age brackets. Under 12 and over 12.

2> You must allow us to take your photo and post it to our website/Facebook page. Look for #CSWComicFest2015 to easily find all entries.

3> You do not need to be present to win, we will announce the winners on our website on Sunday, November 1.

4> Winners are judged by store employees taking into account the number of Facebook LIKES that your photo brings. The photo with the most LIKES does not automatically win but it will be favored.

5> Prizes will be store gift cards with amounts based on total participants in the contest. The more entries we have the higher the gift card values.

6> Groups can compete as a single entry with total gift card value being divided between the participants.

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