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Do you want to own a Batmobile?

If you have $18 grand and can get to Detroit, you may be in luck!

While they were dating, Amy Estrada from Livonia, MI, bought her boyfriend a Dodge Nitro. He tricked it out with silver Bat-symbols, Batman seat covers, and even batsignals that shine on the ground when you open the front doors. All the upgrades cost an extra $5,000...

...and they were paid for by the woman he was cheating with.

The car was in Amy's name, so when she found out about the affair, she took it back from him, and is now selling it on Craigslist. So if you want a really nice car with a very nerdy pedigree, and don't mind a bit of a trip to get it, you can help this scorned woman recoup some of her money.


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