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It's here! Today! The #Sharknado has arrived!

Sharknado 3 premieres tonight at 9 on the SyFy Channel, and just in time, Archie Comics has released Archie vs. Sharknado:

You can read a preview of the one-shot over at ComicBookResources, but I checked it out when it arrived at the store, and it's just as fun as the movies have been. You know how people are constantly dying in ridiculous, over-the-top ways? How the rules of physics seem more like suggestions? All that happens in the comic, too. And remember, this is an officially licensed tie-in, co-written by the films' director: the events of Archie vs. Sharknado take place during Sharknado 3, so if you only watch the (sure to be terrible) movie tonight, you're not getting the full story.

So pick up the comic this afternoon, grab your Sharknado POP!, and settle in tonight as the entire internet makes fun of another cinematic masterpiece.

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