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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WarMachine and Hordes - Path of Devastation - Season 2

Monday, May 18th marks the beginning of second season of the Path of Devastation League at Comic Store West.

Path of Devastation: Broken Roads is a casual play league for fans of the Iron Kingdoms setting.

For returning players, who participated in our Riven Bonds league back in March, this season features a different Hero model for each faction, new Scenarios, and an original Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game story.

For players new to the Path of Devastation League, the main feature of the league is your Hero, an existing solo who has been temporarily upgraded to a Character model. As you play games and paint models you will accrue XP that can be applied to your character to purchase new powers and abilities that will remain in effect for the remainder of the league. Additionally, unlike in previous leagues, you can get XP for games of High Command, the Iron Kingdoms Deck Building Game, as well as XP for playing through (or running!) this season's Roleplaying Game scenario.

Official League nights will happen from 5p-10p, Friday nights at Comic Store West but you can play any time the store is open. It is a good idea to call first to make sure there is a free table since some nights can get very busy in the gaming area.

Registration is $5 and sign-ups start immediately.

Looking for more info? Either e-mail me at or check out the event page on Facebook (

Thanks, and I hope to see you and your army at Comic Store West.

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