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Thor's secret identity leaked (SPOILERS!)

Just a few days ahead of this week's Thor #8, speculation runs rampant about who the new Thor is when she takes off her helmet. Well, if you can't stand the excitement any more, you're in luck!

A small fan site that nobody has ever heard of has managed to uncover the last page of the issue.

Now, don't worry, we're not going to post the reveal here - just throwing it out there would be rude, and we do like to maintain at least a little bit of secrecy, after all.

Every time Marvel tries to have a big surprise like this, they usually end up spoiling it somehow, don't they? Here are some ways they've given away the contents of their important stories in the past:

  • Facebook news feeds.
  • On The View.
  • Social media. All of it.
  • The pages of USA Today.

Everybody is going to be talking about this reveal soon enough. Maybe even before Wednesday morning. So you can wait for that to happen, or you can choose to spoil the reveal for yourself right now.

Really sure you want to know who the new Thor is? Really, really sure? Then click here to find out, but don't say we didn't warn you. But be ready, it's a heck of a hook for the next issue, and really raises more questions than it answers. Now is a good time to subscribe!

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