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Modern Masters 2015

We are expecting a limited amount of Magic Modern Masters 2015 to arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon.
As you know these are extremely rare and we doubt that our supply will last the weekend.

There is a Modern Masters 2015 draft next Thursday at the store.
Draft starts at 6pm sharp and is $35.
Everyone gets 3 packs to draft with and 2 boosters of regular boosters per player to the prize pool.

This is a draft.
Just so you understand the rules of a draft, the cards that are your's to keep are NOT the cards from the boosters you are handed to start the draft. The cards that are your's to keep are the cards that you end up with after the draft.


Still some 2 or 3 spots left in the draft event next Thursday.

I have a few more booster boxes coming in next week so if we sell out over the weekend check back next Wednesday.

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