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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

JUST ARRIVED - Superfight Card Game

As soon as you're old enough to understand things like Superman and Wonder Woman and Batman and Wolverine, you're old enough to know the horrible battles which must ensue for total hero(ine) dominance. Who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Godzilla or The Toxic Avenger? Bambi or a photography intern? Finally a game harnesses this inborn desire to argue about fictional battles, and this game is called Superfight!

Many times compared to Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, Superfight! is a very very simple game. Each player plays a fighter and two power/problem cards. And then everyone argues on who would win in a fight. Actually, that's just one way of playing; many different games are mentioned in the instructions and you can even make up more on your own!

Potential Match-ups:

  • Mr. Rogers (who is made of sand and armed with a rotating machine gun turret) vs. Stephen Hawking (who is armed with a baguette and 3 stories tall)
  • A Woolly Mammoth (that is literally afraid of its own shadow and throws knives) vs A T-Rex (that uses the force and has one million twitter followers)
  • A Senior Citizen Bowling Team (that is on a jet ski and armed with nunchucks) vs. A Kindergarten Class (that just drank 5 energy drinks and sprays neurotoxin)

Deck Breakdowns:
  • Core Game Deck - main starter deck. Includes 160 character cards, 340 power/problem cards, and instructions.
  • Blue Location Expansion Deck - adds 100 fight locations, from comic book conventions to oceans of gelatin (and everything in between).
  • Green Kiddie Expansion Deck - adds 100 kid-friendly cards to the deck. Some really powerful cards.
  • Red Not-4-Kids Expansion Deck - adds 100 definitely NOT kid-friendly, and possibly really rude and offensive, cards to the deck.
  • Purple Scenario Expansion Deck - adds 100 scenario cards to the deck, from land mines to kitten stampedes, this deck adds an extra level of hilarious fun to every round.
  • Orange Geeky Expansion Deck - adds 100 dorky/nerdy/geeky/awesome cards to the deck.

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