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Friday, May 01, 2015


The Phantom
This comic reprints several classic Phantom stories - four pages explaining his origin, then adventures from 1965 and 1970. This is classic pulp action, with The Ghost Who Walks fighting off criminals, pirates and poachers in the jungle. The art is showing its age, but check out the preview of the new Phantom series: it's looking pretty slick!

Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man Worlds Unite Prelude
It's time for another Sonic/Mega Man crossover event, and this flip-book sets up both sides of the story. Literally, both sides: it's a flip-book, with Sonic on one side and Mega Man on the other, plus a pretty cool wraparound cover uniting them. New readers will appreciate the recap pages in the middle, getting everyone up to speed on what's been going on.

Legendary Comics Sampler
Rather than a story, this is a catalog for upcoming releases from Legendary (the comic company branch of the successful movie studio). That means familiar names like Pacific Rim or Trick r Treat, and also the upcoming Krampus. But the new properties, including Black Bag, Cops for Criminals, and A Town Called Dragon, look pretty awesome as well. Pick this one up and see if anything grabs your attention.

This is a perfect book for kids. You've got Gronk, an adorable little monster (don't worry, she's friendly), telling a story of how she tried to make friends while living in the woods; then the back of the book is a sample of Hero Cats, a feline team that protects its home city.

Stuff of Legend
The main part of this book is just a brief recap of the existing Stuff of Legend comics, plus a few textless preview pages of the next volume. But the flip side of the book, Thanatos Diver, is a complete story about a girl and her salvage submarine. That looks like a pretty fun upcoming series, so this is a great opportunity to get introduced to the world of the comic.

All-New, All-Different Avengers
What happened to Tony Stark's money? Why does Captain America not want to talk to Steve Rogers? Why is Ultimate Spider-Man in the main universe? These are just a few of the questions raised by this issue, which is set after the events of Secret Wars. You know you're going to pick up a copy, just beware of future spoilers!

For the past week we've been telling you about all the terrific comics you can pick up tomorrow on Free Comic Book Day. We'll have fun stuff going on in the shop all day long, and remember that if you want to get a whole stack of books, we do ask for a 50¢ donation - 100% of the money collected this way goes to support York's own Martin Library, so you'll be helping out a local resource while you enjoy your new books!

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