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Netflix makes 'Daredevil' accessible!

One of the only complaints I've heard from viewers is that, in a horrible twist of irony, Netflix's Daredevil was not accessible to blind viewers.

"There was just one problem: Like Daredevil, [Robert] Kingett is legally blind, and Netflix does not provide audio descriptions, a feature that narrates non-verbal action on screen to help the visually impaired better enjoy filmed entertainment [x]."

Many fans, both blind and sighted, have been lobbying to get Daredevil more accessible for the visually impaired, since the main character is blind himself.

These complaints have been answered by Netflix, who said they're going to add audio descriptions to Daredevil. as well as several other of their original series, including: Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and more!

"Netflix has introduced audio descriptions to all episodes of Daredevil, an English audio option that will overlay each episode with a voice describing the action in between dialogue. [...]. The voice then narrates characters, locations, actions, and more from each episode so that those physically unable to see the screen still have a sense of what is happening beyond the dialogue [x]."

For now it is only available in English, but Netflix hopes to expand it to other languages in the future!

Thank you, Netflix, for actually listening to complaints and changing the problem instead of saying "sorry" and ignoring the protests.

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