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Countdown to #FCBD

Last year, we previewed all the Free Comic Book Day comics in the week leading up to the event. This year, we're doing it again!

There are literally dozens of free comics for you to choose from this year, so we piled them all together, shuffled them, and will be giving you a quick preview of a few every day between now and May 2. What better way to pass the time!

2000 AD Special
A big 48-page magazine, this one includes seven short stories (featuring Judge Dredd, 3000 AD, Death Rock, Nemesis the Warlock, Dr. Sin, Dan Dare, and Slaine), plus several one-page bits. Plus, there's a QR code at the end of each story, allowing you to download digital comics, as well. Naturally, as with anything that's got Judge Dredd in it, this is one for mature readers, not all audiences, but there's no denying that value!

And Then Emily Was Gone
Another "mature readers" title, this one features two stories. "The Strange Case of Billy McTaggart" is a supernatural horror story featuring the kind of creepy ghost you'd expect to see Hellboy investigating. "Counterclockwise" features Oxymoron, a serial killer in a world of superheroes, as he sets out to remake the world in his own crazy image. Again, there's a QR code to allw you to download 120 pages of additional freebies, and a contest on the back cover to win free graphic novels.

Fight Club
Yes, that Fight Club. Tyler Durden and the nameless Narrator are back, in a preview of Fight Club 2, the sequel comic that will be on sale May 27. Like what you see here? Preorder the book! And that's just the front half of this comic - the back half has a short story of Eric Powell's "The Goon," and a little bit of Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain," the comic that inspired FX's successful vampire TV show. Nice combo!

Chakra the Invincible
At last, a comic that's definitely kid-friendly! The character was created by Stan Lee, and though none of the stories in this comic were written by him, they're all a lot of fun. The art is slightly cartoony, which makes sense since there's also an animated web series. There are five short stories in this issue, each with a different threat for Chakra to fight, plus an interview with Stan Lee.

From videogames to animation and now to comics - it's the Raving Rabbids! The first few pages on this anthology book are (mostly) wordless one-page comics featuring the weird rabbit-creatures in even weirder situations, kind of like you'd find in Mad Magazine. Then there's a multi-page story about the obsession of being a collector, featuring Ariol, a Smurfs story about Gargamel's twin brother, and a chance to see Garfield the cat shot into space. Then it's back to the Rabbids to end the book. Kids should love the humor here!

Boom Studios 10th Anniversary Special
As far as variety goes, you'll be hard-pressed to beat this book, which features 10 full stories from various Boom Studio titles: Labyrinth, Iscariot, Mouse Guard, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Peanuts, Garfield (again) Lumberjanes, Munchkin, and Help Us! Great Warrior. Whew! What a lineup! This is less of a "kids" book and more "all ages" - with 10 different samples, there's something in here that everyone can enjoy.

Terrible Lizard
The story of a girl and her Tyrannosaurus Rex. This issue (a reprint of issue #1 of the regular miniseries) is a fine introduction, providing an origin for Jess Anders and her link with the giant, orange dinosaur. Another comic that anyone can read and enjoy! Pick this one up for free, and then get the tpb if you like it.

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