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Countdown to #FCBD - Day 7

Jurassic Strike Force 5
What kid doesn't love dinosaurs? Well these dinosaurs are aliens, walk on two legs, and speak, so they're even better than usual! This one-shot story takes place after the first miniseries (available in TPB), but before the new miniseries (which will only cost $1 for the first issue). Try it out, and if you like what you read, we can order you the issues you need!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Based on the new cartoon, and leading into Robots in Disguise #1 (coming out in July), this issue introduces the main cast and sets up an unexpected enemy for the new series. The back of the book has previews of GI Joe, Jem, My Little Pony, and other Hasbro properties that IDW publishes.

Super Mutant Magic Academy
This is a series of one-page gags which seem to be set at the titular school. Flip the book over, and you'll find Kate Beaton's "Step Aside Pops." If you could stand the art on Hark! A Vagrant, you'll certainly find more of it here.

Secret Wars #0
Come on, you know you're going to get this one. Everyone is going to get this one. It's the lead-in to this summer's big Marvel event, which starts next week. Gotta get in now! The backup is a crossover between the Avengers and Attack on Titan, the popular manga/anime series; originally published in Japan, this is the first time it's been seen in English.

Street Fighter
The way this story jumps from one character to the next is really smoothly handled, and gives us a little bit of insight as to their personalities. There are also a couple cute one-page comics after the main story, and a series of pin-ups.

Captain Canuck #0
Captain Canuck was first published in 1975, and now he's being updated. "Captain Canuck is a hero born in battle, tested in war, and granted the choice of how to use his incredible powers and advanced technology, which could alter the fate of the world." The first story is just a teaser for the new series, but there's a classic backup, and several pages of character profiles.

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