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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Countdown to #FCBD - Day 6

March Grand Prix
This is a super-cute book about a race-car-driving rabbit. We'd tell you that everyone should pick up a copy on Saturday, but it's not a full story - in fact, it cuts out at just the climactic moment! So yes, get this one for any age of comic fans, but be warned that you might want to order the full book once you do. And it doesn't come out until August!

Spongebob Freestyle Funnies
Did you know Spongebob has a comicbook? He does. Monthly! This issue is a sample of what you can buy (logically enough), with two full stories, a couple one-pagers, and a preview of an upcoming tale. The art in the first story looks like it was done in crayon, which may inspire any kids who read it - so make sure you have some paper handy for them to draw their own comics on!

Bongo Free-For-All
Despite the name, this is all Simpsons, all the time. Bart steals a hair tonic from Professor Frink, Homer fixes the roof, Comicbook Guy goes on a date, and Lisa imagines herself in another life. Each story reads quickly, but doesn't skimp on the humor.

GFT Wonderland Special Edition
This standalone story serves as an introduction to Zenescope's Wonderland comics, but is still a good story in its own right. If the creepy cover didn't make it clear enough, this is not a book for kids (even if the art is less stripperific than usual). You can really tell they're trying to reach out to new audiences with this one.

Steampunk Goldilocks
Keeping with the trend of updated children's stories, this one features Goldilocks and her sister(?) Miss Muffett, driving an armored tank and infiltrating the military base of the three bears. It's absolutely as weird as it sounds. The art is minorly "cheesecake-y," as steampunk stuff seems to be, but it's never inappropriate.

Defend Comics
The CBLDF comics are always a nice mixture of stories and styles, and this year's is no exception. You've got everything from an Archie story to Greek myth, from crazy indie comics to Golden Age throwbacks. Everyone can find something to like in these pages!

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