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Countdown to #FCBD - Day 4

Lady Justice
This violent comic is rated Teen+ (because apparently comics are using the same ratings system as videogames now), and is based on an idea by Neil Gaiman. Specifically, an idea from the early '90s, so it's very much a product of that time: all grim and gritty, signifying nothing. It's an interesting premise if you can look past all that, though. Plus, you can't beat the price!

ICE: Bayou Blackout
This story, a preview of a new miniseries starting soon, reads like the kind of high-concept drama that you'd see on cable: we follow a group of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents as they bust a wannabe militia, but after that gets wrapped up, things get really bad really fast. The backup story, "The Ride: The Devil Don't Sing No Blues," is a lot of fun, too. Two for two!

Motorcycle Samurai
This book really needs a better logo, because it looks like it says "Motorcycle S.A. Murai." It feels kind of like a Mad Max story, with the titular samurai motorcycling her way through a dusty wasteland, but it's cute and uplifting in a way that makes sense, since it's being told to a group of children by way of a puppet show. The art's weird, but not in a bad way.

DC's big preview book this year features stories of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, taken from books that are still a few months out. So be careful: that means there are spoilers for current stories in these pages!

Avatar The Last Airbender
The movie was awful, but the cartoon is great - and since the comics are based on the cartoon, they're pretty awesome, too. This one features Ty Lee reuniting with her family and finding her place in the world. It's short, but good. That's followed by a Plants vs. Zombies comic, and a really cute one called Bandette. Another book that's all-ages friendly!

Hatter M: Love of Wonder
Alice in Wonderland is weird and twisted enough that "dark" versions of it will always be in vogue. This one jumps back and forth between Wonderland and Edwardian London, and has a very sketchy art style reminiscent of Ben Templesmith's work. It works as a free taste of the series, but the story might make more sense if you've already read some of it before.

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