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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Countdown to #FCBD - Day 3

Bodie Troll and Friends
Red 5 Comics presents three stories: the adorably Disney-ish titular troll; "Drone," about a remote-controlled warbot; and "Creature Academy," which looks like a typical Young Adult story about a boy who discovers he's part of a wilder world than he ever imagined. They're definitely covering a nice range of ages for this book. Bodie Troll is the big winner of this one, though - it's got a cute kind of violence that's fun for the whole family.

The Tick
The big, indestructible, blue ball of psychoses is back, with three new stories featuring him and his moth sidekick, Arthur. This is a terrifically silly book. We get secret flashbacks to the Tick's previously unknown history, a night he spent unconscious, and the perils of being a recognizable superhero in a town beset by all manner of villainous plagues! A very fun issue.

Mercury Heat
A mature readers title from Avatar Press, introducing a new character, Mercury Heat is a science fiction cop comic set on Mercury. The planet. The premise (as laid out in an interview at the back of the book) sounds very cool, and could be awesome to read about. It's a very violent story, though, so be aware of that before you pick it up.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The end of issue #44 had a pretty shocking development that's probably been spoiled all over the internet for you, and this issue reveals the fallout. You'll probably want it just for that, but it also does a nice job of recapping the TMNT storyline so far, as well as getting inside the minds of all the survivors.

Hip Hop Family Tree Three-in-One
Ed Piskor continues his artistic history of the world of hip-hop music, in a book that's as dense with info as it is heavy to hold. There's a great section of pin-ups in the middle, and the back is given over to a comic called "Cosplayers." This is far from your average fare, but it's worth a look.

Cleopatra in Space
Are you a fan of super-cute artwork? Do you want to read a comic with a female lead, one that bridges ancient Egypt and the far-flung future? This is the one for you. This is an excerpt from the first book, "Target Practice," which shows how Cleopatra came to work for Pharaoh Yasiro's Research And Military Initiative of Defense - or P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. This is definitely a good one to get for the kids!

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