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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Countdown to #FCBD - Day 2

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
We start off weird this time! This is a manga book, so it reads right-to-left (or "backwards," for those of you who haven't encountered this sort of thing before). JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a comic that will really make you ask "what the hell did I just read?" There's some real tonal whiplash here, too, as the second half of the book switches over to Yu-Gi-Oh playing cards against Seto Kaiba. And Kaiba's cheating. What, does he think that just because he has money, he can ignore the rules?

Overstreet's Comic Book Marketplace
This isn't a comic, it's a magazine discussing trends, history, and the state of the industry. It's an interesting read, but don't pick this up expecting the kind of cool adventure story the Captain Action cover promises.

Again, this book reads right-to-left, so reading start at the back. There are three stories included: Pokemon XY, Pokemon Adventures: Emerald, and Pokemon Adventures: Black and White. We have a free Pokemon league every Sunday, so if you or your siblings or your kids would be into that, they'll dig this free comic, too.

Bob's Burgers
This comic really captures the feeling of the Fox cartoon: Tina's fan-fiction, Louise's sociopathy, Gene's terrible decision making, and even the ridiculous "burger of the day" themes Bob tries out. There are seven stories culled from five issues of the series, providing a taste of what the book is like. Spoiler alert: "what it's like" is "ridiculously funny!" And unlike Simpsons comics, the art is actually on-model to the show, so bonus!

Doctor Who
Not content to just feature one Doctor, this comic features the Twelfth, the Eleventh, and the Tenth, each in a new short story. Each does a good job of capturing the tone of their respective series, whether that's "focused on the companion," "smug and hapless," or "nonobservant and the cause of his own troubles." There's also a preview of this summer's crossover event, which will unite those three Doctors for one big story. But why not #9, too?

Valiant 25th Anniversary Special
Valiant comics continue to kick much butt, and this issue is a great introduction for new readers. Not only are there previews of two three upcoming #1 issues, as well as a checklist of the greatest moments from the past 25 years of their comics. Pick this one up, and it will guide you to a bunch of amazing new stories worth reading.

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