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One week until Halloween ComicFest!

Next Saturday, October 25th, is our big Halloween ComicFest. And that means...

Free comics!
Are you an adult? Do you have a costume? Is your costume suitable for wearing in public and looking generally all cool-like? The put it on, come into the store, and get yourself a free comicbook!

More free comics!
What's that you say? One comic isn't enough to slake your desire for glossy paper and four-color printing? Donate to our fundraiser (supporting Martin Memorial Library) for more free comics!

Costume contest!
Are you a child? Do you have a costume? Come in and enter our costume contest - a store gift card is the prize. Also: candy! And a free comic, because hey, why not? We're on a roll!

Comics by the pound!
This is always much more popular than our "comics by the furlong" promotion. We're putting out new comics you've never seen in the sales before, so grab a bunch, throw them on the scale, and see what they weigh.

Starting at 1pm, we'll have lots of fun stuff happening in our game room. Get yourself a seat and throw down (in a friendly manner)!

We vant your blood!
The Central PA Blood Mobile will be here from 4-7pm, ready to extract your precious bodily fluids. Batman's going to give blood - don't you want to be like Batman?

Remember how wearing a costume got you a free comic? It also gets you 10% off for the day!

More discounts!
If you give blood (or even just attempt to give blood), you can get 10% off that way, too.

The Amazing Mega Discount!
For Halloween ComicFest only, ALL DISCOUNTS STACK! You're in a costume? 10% off. You're in a costume and you give blood? 20% off! You're in a costume, you give blood, and you've got a subscription list with us? A BIG 30% OFF! Unbeatable!

Halloween ComicFest is going to be a ton of fun, and it's only a week away. Get ready for the excitement (and the savings)!

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