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Kirby's Dracula

In 1993, Topps Comics released a three-issue Vlad the Impaler miniseries. Each issue in the series was polybagged with three trading cards, and when put together, the back of the cards formed this cool image:

Yes, that's drawn by Jack Kirby, and inked by Mike Mignola. Pretty awesome, huh?

Topps definitely counts as an "indie" company, which means their books will be on sale this weekend during Halloween ComicFest. Do we have the Vlad the Impaler issues? I honestly don't know. But if you come in and look through the boxes, you can find out for yourself - and who knows what other ridiculously fun goodies you'll stumble across? With our stacking discounts, they've never been cheaper!

And just for completion's sake, here are the front of the cards:

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