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Clix-Con 2014 is August 30 and full Battle Royale Prize List Released

The event formally known as WizCon has been renamed to Clix-Con and moved to Saturday, August 30.

We have received the SUPER FANTASTIC PRIZES for the BATTLE ROYALE events and as you can see there are some rare and highly sought after figures (Con Exclusive Venom, Con Exclusive Impossible Man, Con Exclusive Resurrection Man, Con Exclusive Moonstone, Con Exclusive Death Mask, Con Exclusive Dr Fate and the CHASE Colonel Stars & Stripes).

There will also be some really cool TOP SECRET fellowship prizes.

Clix-Con starts on August 30 at 11AM with a new set of Battle Royales starting every hour after 11AM.

For those who don't know what a Battle Royal is:

  1. Four people are selected to play on a single map.
  2. Each player pays $15 and gets a booster of HeroClix (we will be using Legion, Teen Titan, Iron Man, and hopefully Guardians of the Galaxy).
  3. Each player opens their booster and selects a figure and then passes the remaining figures to their left.  Rinse and repeat until all figures are selected.  There is no points limit.  The figures you play with may not be what you keep at the end (more on that in a minute).
  4. Play for 50 minutes.  Winner is last man standing, or player with most points after 50 minutes.
  5. Winner will be given a random LE from the prize box (all figures pictured above are in the prize box).
  6. Players then select figures from all of the boosters in the order of their placement.  So second place player selects the first figure from the figure pool, third place selects next, etc.

After you play just pay $15 and jump into the next round of events.

A few additional items:

  1. Battle Royales are played with 4 players, so if there is an odd number you may need to wait until more players come.  Tell everyone you know and bring them with you for the day.  These events are lots of fun.
  2. We will hold Battle Royale events each hour, so a maximum of 16 players can be playing at the same time.  If there are more than 16, you will be first to play during the next round of Battle Royales.  Have no fear we have plenty of prizes for all 5 hours of Battle Royales.
  3. Reminder Battle Royales start at the top of each hour.  So 11AM, Noon, 1PM, 2PM and finally 3PM.
Want to play in 1 Battle Royale for each of the 5 hours?  Normal cost is $75 ($15x5).  Buy a VIP pass and get 1 entry for each of the 5 Battle Royale blocks for only $50.

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