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Really not cool, guys

So, this happened:

Yeah. Just in case seeing that didn't reflexively make you put your fist through your computer monitor, here's famed writer Greg Rucka explaining just WTF is wrong with it:

My daughter, she’s a lot like her mother and me. Which makes sense, but where our son seems to have inherited his mother’s even keel and gentle soul, my daughter got the short straw, and drew my emotional volatility. She’s smart, maybe too smart, and she runs hot like I do, and she feels deeply, and passionately, and she sees more than maybe a lot of kids her age see. And she’s a geek (hell, she’s practically a hipster-geek, as she informed me she’d been reading Divergent before anyone even knew about the movie, let alone the book), she reads comics, she dresses up as Captain Marvel and Black Widow and she swings a lightsaber and uses her Nerf guns to shoot vampires just the way Buffy taught her.

So she doesn’t fit in. She’s in a school that’s a pretty good school, to be honest, but the ratio of boys to girls in her class has been 2:1 for the last five years. That takes a toll. And some of those boys? They’re not that far from Neanderthal in their thinking about gender (and what is going on at home with those boys I am forced to wonder…). And the girls in her class, they’ve pretty much made her odd-girl-out for five years now, because that’s the game they’re playing.

It's worth reading his whole post, so here's that link again. And if you know someone who would unironically wear that shirt, ask them what the heck is wrong with their priorities.

Well, except for the "hating coffee" part. Because that I can 100% get behind. Fell free to yell at me about that in the comments.

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