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Gaming in The Verse - January 25 at 2PM

Firefly RPG preview event by Margaret Weis Productions.
Saturday, January 25th at 2PM

Grab your crew, get your ship and travel the black. The crew of Serenity has been tasked with the job of transporting a girl to her wedding day. It sounds too easy and to good to be true. Correct on both counts because like always, nothing is quite what the surface would tell you when you are in the verse.

Join the Grown as Gamers podcast team as they run a story for the Firefly RPG written by Margaret Weis herself!! The corebook for this game will be released in February so this is your chance to get an early look at one of the most anticipated RPGs of the year!! See the fine folks at Comic Store West to preregister or you can contact the Grown as Gamers team at Just like the Serenity herself seating is limited so if you want onboard, make sure you register early for the event and save yourself a seat.

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