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Shia LeBeouf, professional plagiarist

So you may have heard that Shia LaBeouf, twitchy star of Transformers, directed a film. And that he also stole the story directly from a comicbook.

Like, to the extent that the panels of the comic might as well have been the storyboards the movie was shot from. Buzzfeed has the whole story in case you've missed it, including quotes from creator Daniel Clowes and examples of the parallels between the book and the movie. In fact, you can even watch the whole film (it's only about 11 minutes long) on their site, so go do it.

Where it gets really crazy, though, is when LaBeouf started apologizing for his plagiarism... by plagiarizing other apologies, including one from Yahoo Answers (look for the answer by "Lili"), and others by Tiger Woods, Kanye West, and former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. At this rate, he just keeps digging his own hole deeper. LaBeouf was at one point apparently going to have a comic coming out from Boom! Studios, but that may be over with now.

Anyway, once you watch the film at Buzzfeed, you can read the comic in its entirety thanks to some random Tumblr user. And if you're interested in more of Daniel Clowes' work, like Ghost World, remember that we are more than happy to order them for you - just come in and ask.

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