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HeroClix - Keep What You Kill Tourney

Keep what you Kill


This Sunday, 11/24 at 2PM


Buy a figure booster or 5 single figure boosters. Donate 2 canned food items.

Play with all of your figures.


3 Actions per Turn

After each player’s turn the Judge gets a three action turn then play passes to the next player.

Once a player loses all of their figures they may buy another booster, and donate two cans of food to join back in again.

Players will be assigned a number and those numbers will be pulled at random to determine seating at the beginning of the game. Once players start dropping out players can sit in any open seat when they buy a new booster and donate 2 cans.

Players may help each other or hurt each other, keep that in mind! All the figures you buy are yours, players will not give figures to judges or other players if they KO their figures.

The last player to damage a figure keeps it, even if it gets KOed because of pushing or Mystics, etc.

Judges reserve the right to amend these rules mid game (including but not limited to changing, adding, or removing cheats, rules, game effects, scenarios, and whatever else they may think up in their twisted minds.) in the interest of fun and or remaining game time.

There will be cheats available to use with the donation of additional cans.

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