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HeroClix Keep What You Kill

Judge and part-time Ghostbuster Shiffler and I have a huge box full of HeroClix figures, 95% of which are from FEAR ITSELF, ready for the Keep What You Kill Sunday at 2pm.

Buy 2 boosters (yes, we have the new Iron Man) and bring a bunch of cans of food for donation to the York Food Bank. Whatever figures you KO (kill) in the game, you get to keep. No the judges will not be keeping your figures so don't worry.

If you lose 5 of your figures you can buy another booster and donate some more cans and jump right back in the game.

There will be cheats available that can be purchased with additional cans of food.

Come out and have fun in this wacky tournament.

We will play until everybody decides to quit.

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