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CSW vs Our Magic Crew next Saturday !!

Magic players: You know you want to play and beat Scott in a Magic tournament. He's come out of retirement in order to play in our special Iron Man / Charity event on Saturday 11/16.

Scott will buy cards, build a deck and destroy cards right along with everyone else. Oh, and of course he will cheat along with everyone else too. But cheating is ok, it's for charity.

Come out to our biggest Magic prize payout event ever. Will you win a tv? No. But you will walk away with something (even if you finish last).

We want a huge mess of Magic cards when you leave. So bring your commons (or buy some from our 300-400 for $10 box) and creative ways for destroying cards, and of course cans of food to cheat with.

We need at least 10 people for the From the Vault prize (so bring your friends). Otherwise we will give packs to winners.

Even if yo have never played Magic before come and play, you'll have fun tearing up cards and you will feel good about donating to the York Area Food Bank.

(Maybe we can even get Scott to wear a dunce hat)

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