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Walking Dead Mystery Minis

Remember this past May, when we told you about the Walking Dead blind-boxes?

Well they're available starting today, and we've got several cases of them! Hurry in and try your luck at getting some of the rarer figures, like the 1:144 zombie prison guard! There are 10 characters and six variants available:

  • RV Zombie
  • Little Girl Zombie
  • Merle Dixon
  • Bicycle Zombie
  • Tank Zombie
  • Deer Zombie
  • Well Zombie
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Riot Zombie
  • Prisoner Zombie

Wanna know what the variants are? Buy a figure and look at the back of the box. That's also where you'll see the ratio of the figures' availability - they start at 1:12 and get harder from there.

The "Tank Zombie" is on display at the register, so you can see what you're getting before you buy. These are sure to go fast, so come in soon.

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