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Guardians of the Galaxy movie footage

This weekend was the D23 Expo, a chance for Disney to show off all the upcoming stuff they're working on - and that included Guardians of the Galaxy. The bootlegged footage has finally made it online; watch it before it gets taken down in an hour:

And just because we know it'll get pulled in short order, here are some gifs from the video. First, we've got Chris Pratt (Parks and Rec's Andy Dwyer/Bert Macklin) as Star-Lord:

And then, worth the price of admission alone, Rocket Raccoon:

The movie looks like it's going to have a very gritty feeling, on par with the non-lens-flarey parts of the Star Trek reboot or maybe the Riddick films.

(And speaking of which, the latest rumor is that Vin Diesel is possibly going to be voicing Groot. At least, that's what he seems to be teasing now.)

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