Calendar of Events

Star Trek Attack Wing

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet with WizKids about upcoming games. I am very excited about Star Trek Attack Wing. We will be doing one event per month beginning in September for this game. The amount of prizes provided for these events is amazing. There will be exclusive ships, cards and other supplies. The grand prize to be given away in February will be a to scale Deep Space Nine !!!

These events are going to be very popular. As a result we will be having a sign-up sheet for the September event. In order to sign up you must Pre-order and Pre-pay for your Attack Wing Starter Set. These are coming out in about a month.

Seriously, when the full list of prizes becomes public knowledge these monthly events will fill up fast. We are limited to 12 players (we are working on allowing more) but get in and sign up soon.

Star Wars miniature fans, we have not forgotten about you. We will be having a Star Wars event following each of these Star Trek events. Check the calendar for more info.

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