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Sorry, Magic fans.

We are definitely not going to have the SDCC exclusive Planeswalkers card for the store. And here's why:

You may know that Wizards of the Coast is owned by hasbro, so the Magic cards were sold at the Hasbro booth. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but this year Hasbro's exclusives were more elusive than ever.

So that con-goers didn't have to wait in line all day, Hasbro was giving out tickets that told you to come back at a certain time - and once they'd given out all the tickets for a day, that was it. You had to wait until the next day and try again. On the first day, Thursday, the line had been capped at 7am.

Okay, fine. On Friday, our man at the con got up early and headed to the convention center, only to find that the line had been capped at 6:30. He talked to someone who was at about the halfway point in the line, and that guy had gotten there at 4:30 am. Now, we love you Magic players, but ain't nobody getting up at 4:30 am to try to get you some cards. That's just madness!

Saturday seemed promising: our hook-up got to the show, and there was no line - he was able to get a ticket with no problem, and was scheduled to come back at 2pm. Success! But then, heartbreak! By the time he got there, the big sogn at the Hasbro booth revealed that the cards were completely sold out for the show. Noooo!

So we apologize, everyone. We tried. We really did. But until Hasbro institutes some kind of preorder process, getting their exclusives is a total crapshoot.

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