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Magic: Backdraft

Of course you know that we have Magic the Gathering games every Thursday night, alternating between standard (bring your own cards) and draft (get cards when you show up). But how many of you Magic fans would be interested in this crazy game style?

Backdraft is a bizarre form of drafting, where you draft a pool of cards for someone else. It is pretty much identical to doing a regular draft, except someone else is going to use the cards you drafted to build their decks. The key is that you are trying to leave that person with the worst pool of cards possible, since you may be playing against them at some point in the tournament.

And obviously, somebody else would be drafting the cards you eventually get to play with and take home. It sounds crummy, but remember: eventually only the good cards would be left, so you'd still get the same mix of good and bad you do in a regular draft.

Obviously it wouldn't supplant the normal every-other-Thursday draft forever, but it might be a fun way to shake things up one week.

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