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Grimm Fairy Tales animation

Last year, Zenescope Entertainment successfully used Kickstarter to fund the pilot for a Grimm Fairy Tales animated series.

And after months of work, the first three minutes have been released as a teaser:

The GFT comics are best described as "boobs-tacular," and it looks like the cartoon is going to follow suit. The animation is being done by Titmouse Inc, the same studio that does Metalocalypse for Cartoon Network's [adult swim]. If you're interested in reading about these characters before the animated series starts, we have plenty of the books, both as individual issues and collected in trades. There are several different GFT series that run concurrently, and we can get all of them for you if you like.

And while we're on the subject, if you like the Metalocalypse cartoon, you should check out the Dethklok comics. They're written by the show's creators, and have been collected in a brütal hardcover by Dark Horse Comics. Come in and ask for item number MAR110042 and we'll be happy to order you a copy. The book even includes the hard-to-find Dethklok vs. The Goon one-shot, which will introduce you to another character you'll probably like.

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