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"Batman Incorporated" gets spoiled

If you look at the solicitations DC Comics puts out in the monthly Previews catalog, you may have noticed that DC's been playing things pretty close to the vest when it comes to the upcoming storyarc in Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated. There's been almost no actual plot information (for a change), leaving many fans to guess at what the story is going to be.

Well, thanks to an online retailer who apparently doesn't mind getting in deep trouble, we have a look at what the next story is going to be:


Ooh, interesting, isn't it? But here's the thing: Batman Incorporated #8 isn't available for sale until February 27. There's no way anyone outside of DC Comics could legally have a copy of the book yet, so by posting that image when he did, the retailer is just asking for trouble - but last week he did the same thing, posting covers for books that won't be out until the 20th. The same guy was also selling copies of Amazing Spider-Man #700 on eBay before its actual release date last year. And if you recall, the pirated scans of that book were online about two weeks before it hit shelves (not that it hurt Spidey's sales).

So, what do you think? Was this guy providing a service by posting covers early, or was he just showing off?

We typically get our new books on Tuesday: you can't buy them until Wednesday, but you can come in and look at them Tuesday night. If you want us to hold any of them until the next day, we'll be happy to.

And now that you've seen the cover for Batman, Inc. #8, and have an idea of what the story is going to be, you can ask us to hold a copy of that for you, too. Remember, it comes out February 27. If you want to reserve a copy, come in, email or call, and we'll make sure we have a copy waiting for you.

But not before Wednesday.

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