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"I'll take 'Swords' for $100, Trebek!"

War is my profession! War is my obsession!/
Nothing I like better than a violent intercession!/
Blood must be spilled, thick enough to swim in/
As I hear the lamentations of my conquered foes' women!


Currently in stock, we have all sorts of LARP-ready weapons for you to bash your friends over the head with.

Created by Wicked Replicas, these are full-sized, heavy duty swords, axes and more, all ready to use as soon as you tear off the tags. They're built from latex around a solid fiberglass core, so they're heavy enough to have a real weight behind them, but durable enough to smack around without fear of breaking. Take that, Nerf swords!

The Battle Legend weapons are divided into two categories: "Classic," which offers realistic things like viking swords, Excalibur, or the Spartan sword and shield combo seen at the top of the page; and "Sentinels," which has things more in line with fantasy, sci-fi or videogames - they may have to call it the "Hellfire Energy Sword" for legal purposes, but it sure does look like a "saber" made of "light," if you catch our drift.

So come in and see the arsenal on the wall behind the register. Try out The Axe of Doom or the Phoenix Sabre. Take one home and whale on your friends and acquaintances.

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