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War Torn Alliances: Dark Secrets Results

The final Warmachine/Hordes War Torn Alliances league of 2012 has drawn to a close.  I hope you all enjoyed it and are looking forward to next year.

Without further adieu, I am pleased to announce that Tim Carter has won the league with 73 league points and a completely unblemished record of victory.

Another player of note is Adam Brulia, who was the only player to score all three upgrades and  all three commendations.

And finally, to all our Legion of Everblight players: your faction truly rocked the online map this season. I don't think anyone has ever swept the map like that before.

Here are the final standings:
Name Player Number Faction (Ally) Current League Points Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Hobby Combat Alliance
Tim Carter 14 Retribution of Scyrah (Cryx) 73 x x x
Kevin Schroeder 4 Cygnar (Khador) 58 x x x
Adam Brulia 12 Cryx (Retribution of Scyrah) 32 x x x x x x
Phil Erb 13 Cryx (Retribution of Scyrah) 31 x x x
Eric Seager 6 Circle Orboros (Skorne) 20 x x x
Mike Forrey 1 Legion of Everblight (Thornfall Alliance) 20 x x x
Ben Spencer 11 Retribution of Scyrah (Cryx) 18

x x
Randel Wood 15 Cygnar (Khador) 13 x

Robert Blackburn 8 Legion of Everblight (Thornfall Alliance) 13

Steven Downing 17 Cryx (Retribution of Scyrah) 11

Jeremiah Horner 7 Circle Orboros (Skorne) 11

Dan Paddock 18 Circle Orboros (Skorne) 9 x

Jonathon Kearney 9 Legion of Everblight (Thornfall Alliance) 9

Talen Benes 5 Legion of Everblight (Thornfall Alliance) 7

Chris Johannesen 2 Skorne (Circle Orboros) 5

Scott Davis 3 Khador (Cygnar) 0

Chad Putman 10 Cryx (Retribution of Scyrah) 0

John Paul 16 Circle Orboros (Skorne) 0

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