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Have you ever seen a possum play hockey?

No, not like that.

Are you missing hockey since the NHL is locked out this year? Local artist John Simcoe has your relief! He created The Downward Spirals, a webcomic about a team of deking Didelphimorphs, and now the first 32 strips are available in a collected edition.

The 40-page comic is available now in the store, right up front with the new TPB releases. If you don't see it as soon as you walk in the door, just ask and one of our employees and they'll be able to find it for you. The book is only $4.00, which means it costs only 10¢ per page - a veritable bargain!

You don't have to love hockey in order to enjoy the comic, either. The jokes are more about being a luckless team than about the right way to tape up your stick. Each strip equals one week in the Spirals' season, so you get to meet a lot of the other teams in the league as well, all with their own cute little team names.

For the same price as the average 22-page issue of Justice League or Avengers, you can buy a thicker book from a local York artist. Get The Downward Spirals Vol. 1: Twisted Tails now!

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