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HeroClix Batman - No Man's Land Storyline Event

No Man's Land 6 Month Mega Event Details.

Month One OP- sealed - Nov and Dec
Coded goth city map
36 gang tokens
Lock-up LE (exclusive to this event)
Gas pellets special obis
Utility belts
10 double sided maps pre and post earthquake black gate prison

Month Two OP - Jan
Batgirl (exclusive to this event)
Wayne manor map

Month Three OP - sealed - Feb
Ultimate Clayfaces (exclusive to this event)
Gotham city power plant map
Grapnel gun

Month Four OP - Mar
Poinson ivy (exclusive to this event)
Robinson park
Flash grenades

Month Five OP - Apr
Killer Croc (exclusive to this event)
Gotham Waterfront

Month Six OP - sealed - May
Batcave exclusive prize
Joker and Harley Quinn duo figs (exclusive to this event)
Penguins (for the store gang leaders) (exclusive to this event)
Batman cowl
Dockside Amusement park

To make it easy to play in the Month 6 event.  Just show up and play in 3 of the 5 prior month events (and at least 1 of which must be sealed) and you are eligible for the May Event and our store's EXCLUSIVE June event.

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