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Free Comic Book Day 2012 Recap

So our biggest day in Comic Store West history is coming to an end.
This is the first chance that I've had all day away from the register and I just wanted to offer a few thoughts.

First off thanks to everyone that helped me from going crazy - Eric, Dave, Josh, Art, Kara, Letitia, Miriam.

Secondly thanks for everyone who came out to support our Martin Memorial Library Fund Raiser.

Our Marvel Movie Marathon on the 8ft movie screen was a huge success, I've got requests for more movie marathons and X-Box tournaments.  We will keep you posted on these events.

Here's some quotes from people today that really made me feel great:

  • "I knew you would have the best sales today compared to the other local stores"
  • "You guys always seem to blow everyone else away with these special events"
  • "Best damn movie theater sin a comic store ever !!"
  • "I'm cancelling my subscription at and moving it to you guys today"
  • "Greatest Free Comic Book Day ever !!"
  • "You guys are great to do this every year"

We are so happy we can do these special events.  We have more in the works including this year's ZombieFest with Rocky Horror Picture Show and Free Comic Day Part 2.

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