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HeroClix - Avengers vs X-Men Battle Report

For those who missed it Dave and Phil were kind enough to run a huge Avengers vs X-Men battle (2000 points worth) on Tuesday night. Here are Shoffs notes from the game.

As the Avengers took to the center of the battlefield the X-men went on assault with Emma Frost, Storm, and the duo of Cable and Deadpool knocking out Iron Man in the first turn.

The Avengers retaliated with Sentry and the Red Hulk crushing Cable and Deadpool into dust.

Nightcrawler BAMFed the Red Hulk right into the path of the Gambit and Rouge duo followed by a devastating blow from Namor.  Kitty Pryde followed up with just enough damage to take Red Hulk out of the fight.

Stom nailed Sentry with a bolt of lightning enhanced with Emma Frost, but Sentry was not out.  Nightcrawler BAMFed him into better position and Archangel finished him off for good.

Captain America charged into Warpath who retaliated with a flurry of punches leaving Cap open for Storm to mop the floor with him.  The Avengers were now without their leader.

Thor charged in to avenge his fallen leader and smacked Magneto with an object.  Warpath and Magneto softened him up so that Kitty Pryde could do a Hail Mary run through with the transported ability with some help from Scarlet Witch’s Probability Control to end it for the Asgardian.

She-Hulk crushed Colossus but then was BAMFed back to Gambit and Rouge who buried her in the rubble.

A very beaten down Domino delivered a shocking 5 damage blades roll that Wolverine could not avoid ending the fight for the Canadian.

Cyclops got into the fight and fired a shot off blasting Nick Fury but the ever resourceful director of SHEILD pushed Hawkeye into the blast saving himself but crushing Hawkeye’s chances of fighting on.

Benjamin J. Grimm then came out from the back field to finish off what Wolverine could not and knocks out the very bruised and battered Domino.

Warpath continued his onslaught by knocking Luke Cage out after a devastating flurry.

Namor took out the wise cracking web head Spiderman when Spidey’s spider sense failed him.

Finally Psylock and Cyclops used teamwork to remove Maria Hill from the fight.

The fight seemed pretty one sided, the Avengers had solid strategy but the dice were not on their side.  The X-men’s ability to capitalize on the Avengers poor dice was further pushed by the use of Scarlet Witch and Domino’s probability control, as well as Nightcrawler’s battle field manipulation.

Here is the final list of Casualties:

Iron Man
Red Hulk
Captain America
Luke Cage
Maria Hill

Cable and Deadpool

Final Score:

X-men with 11 knock outs over the Avengers with 3.

Thanks again to the two Dave's and Philfor taking the time to run this demo.

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