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Warmachine and Hordes Team-up Mash-up

Warmachine / Hordes
Team-Up Mash-Up Tournament!

March 10th - Starts at 11am!
$10 entry fee per team!
Each Team MUST have a printed roster for their army!

35pt Standard Army Construction -
Each player will have only 1 roster!

This tournament will be scenario based!

Team-Up Mash-Up Rules:

  • Each player needs to create their army lists from their respective army. Then they will then be played together on the battlefield. (Think of a two-headed giant, they each control one arm and one leg with some overlapping in the middle - to beat your opponent, you will have to work together!)
  • Each player will only be able to operate their own army (from their roster) on the battlefield.
  • Each Warcaster / Warlock can only work within their own battlegroup.
  • During the game, the team-ups between factions will COMBINE their armies faction into one friendly faction name (i.e. - Mercenary Searforge Dwarfs + Skorne = Searforge Skorne/ Khador + Protectorate of Mennoth = Protectorate of Khador?). Friendly Faction is now that new Faction Name!
  • Warjacks / Warbeasts can be targeted / affected by the teammates: Spells, Animi, Feats and Abilities.
  • During the game, team-ups between a Warmachine and a Hordes faction will COMBINE the words Warjack / Beasts into one type for FRIENDLY spells, abilities, etc. However, OFFENSIVE spells are still specific.
  • If a Warlock / Warcaster is killed during a game, his entire battlegroup is removed from play. However, units will remain as long as one Warlock / Warcaster is alive on their side.
  • Tiered Lists - Any player may run a tiered list, where you’re able to. HOWEVER, you only gain bonuses specific for your own ½ of the team-up: Cheaper costs, free UAs, +2” deployment. Unless you Both get a +1 to start rolls, neither of you get a +1 (And NO, if you each get a +1, it’s NOT a +2!).

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