Calendar of Events

Jam Packed Saturday, February 11 Planned

Saturday, February 11 is turning out to be a busy day at the store.

First off, we will be having a Star Wars sale all weekend to show our support for the 3D release of Star Wars - The Phantom Menace.  All Star Wars items in the store will be 20% OFF.  We will have a ton of new Star Wars 12" figures available beginning in February.  Along with other Star Wars collectables.

Next up we have the Month 2 HeroClix Infinity Gauntlet event.  We had a great turnout for the January event and hope to beat attendance with the February event.

Finally after the HeroClix event, probably at about 3PM we will be doing a special FREE DEMO of the new Star Trek miniature combat game - Star Trek Tactics.  Come and learn how to play what I think is going to be a hugely popular game in 2012.

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