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Important Announcement from Comic Store West

Brett Stoner, one of the geniuses behind the Comic Store West, is retiring from the store after 25+ years.  We can't get rid of him so easy though, look for him on Sundays helping out.

What does that mean?
Well first off Joe and Brian will be taking over the ownership of the store.  Many of you don't know Joe, he is the 'Father' of the Comic Store.  He started it all at his store in Lancaster (  More of you know Brian (he is the only Comic Store West employee without glasses).

Scott, who everyone knows, will become the store manager.

Saturday, January 28 will be Brett's last full day at the store, we will be having a Say Goodbye to Brett Party and Sale.  Details to come soon.

You, the customer should see no impact on this, we will still be providing the best service of any similar store in the area.  If you have concerns or questions please drop Brian an email, his email address is at the top left of our website.



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