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DC Comics The New 52 Week 1 Reviews

Ok, I finally just finished reading the first wave of the NEW 52 from DC Comics.  Here is my 30 second non-spoiler review of the first 13 issues.

Listed in order of how I liked them:

Detective Comics - Awesome art, great story, The Joker as he should be written.
Batgirl - Again awesome art, great story, loved the flash backs to the Killing Joke.
Action Comics - Was worried about this because I hate what Supes is wearing and I am not a huge Grant Morrision fan.  Good art, great action shots, good story.
OMAC - Surprise of the week.  I thought this may be a stinker book but it was GREAT.
Static Shock - Another huge surprise.  I was never a fan of Static Shock, but this was a very good story.  I like the surprise character who makes an appearance.  Was not planning on continuing to get this but have changed my mind.
StormWatch - Never read the book when it was put out by Wildstorm.  Liked the art and the story.  Was not planning on continuing to get this but have changed my mind.
Swamp Thing - Was never a Swamp Thing fan.  Art was good, liked the story.  May continue this title, have not decided yet.

** Every title below this needs a little work to win me over **

Hawk and Dove - Never a huge Rob Liefeld fan, but the art was ok and the story was good (not great though).  Not sure how to improve.
Green Arrow - I don't like the younger Green Arrow, the story is decent and the art is good but I really like Green Arrorw to be one of the 'old men' when it comes to experience.
BatWing - This was my early pick as the first book to go.  I hate the Batman Inc.  story and BatWing comes directly out of that.  The story was actually surprised me.  Not a fan of the art style.  Better than I thought but end it now.
Men of War - Read some Sgt Rock as a kid.  Not a fan of the modern grandson of Frank Rock.  Plus there was meta humans in the book.  DC if you want to do a war comic keep the meta humans out.
Justice League International - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.  Remember the old JLI?  This is worse.
Animal Man - I have never like Animal Man.  I tried to go in open minded.  This book is bad.  The art is terrible, the story is not very good.  (Yet I had several customers tell me they liked this so go figure).

I look forward to this week's batch of 13 comics.  Look for a review next Sunday.

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