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Runes & Rifles - May 8 Event

“Elven scouts appear at the main gate of the Dwarven hold of Karak Vlag bearing ill news of an approaching army to the east. The Dwarves giving their Elven guests the typical hostility and distrust hold the scouts out of the city. Murmurs and gossip soon begin to stir within the hold until even the Runelord himself gets wind of the commotion. Making haste to the front gate he knocks the guards aside and admits the scouts into the city, leading them to the grand meeting hall. Once his new guests are seated and given refreshments he demands to know everything the scouts can tell him. Hours go by as incomprehensible loud voices are heard within the room until suddenly the doors burst open and with a booming voice the Runelord commands the guard to gather every soldier within the city and ready all machines of war! Tonight they march to join their new Elven allies in battle upon the Black Plains.”

The Runes & Rifles club will be hosting a 12000 point team battle (6000 per side) on Saturday May 8th at 1pm. The battle will be scenario driven over 6 turns between the forces of good (High Elves and Dwarves) vs evil (Warriors of Chaos and Skaven). All models will be provided on the day. There will be a small prize for the player with the most points at the end of the game.

The General of each side’s army will be by winning bid prior to starting the battle. As General you get to distribute your side’s army lists, control the majority of elite troops including the army General on Dragon and pick your Adjutant who will play the other Lord-level character. You may also purchase rerolls for 25c (unlimited) but only one reroll of any kind may be used per die roll and the second result stands.

For all the information regarding the event go to our forums at WWW.RUNESANDRIFLES.COM

Entry Fee: $2 – Bidding for army general will begin at 1pm. 25cent rerolls available throughout the game but only 1 reroll may be used per die roll. Bring your change!

All proceeds go towards the club’s Games Day fund.

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