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Rules & Rifles - May 15 Paint Competition

The Runes & Rifles club will be hosting a “Paint a Unit” competition.

Date: 15th May
Time: 1 pm Start, 7 pm Finish
Prize: $25 first place, $10 Second
Entry Fee: $2

- Pre-assembly is fine
- Pre-Primed in either Black or White is fine
- Must have no other color/shade of paint on them
- 10 model minimum for 20/25mm bases
- 5 model minimum for Cav/40mm (Ogres/Trolls/Swarms etc)
- Single character models with troops are also fine (see minimums for base sizes)
- Can be any GW product models (40k / WFB / WoTR)
- Bring your own paints and brushes, but there will be plenty to borrow as long as you ask nicely enough

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