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Thrall Harvest Charity Tournament on Saturday 11/28

November 28th - ThrallHarvest Charity Tournament to Benefit the York County Food Bank

Once again Comic Store West is proud to be hosting a Thrall Harvest tournament. This is a mixed Warmachine and Hordes event to help those in our community without enough to eat.

We will be accepting donations of canned food and in return the player will receive tokens that can be spent to break the rules.

Some of the effects generated by can donations include:
  • Re-rolling one die
  • Forcing your opponent to re-roll one die
  • Move terrain before the game starts.
Registration Opens at Noon
Table Setup at 12:50pm
Dice Roll at 1:00pm

Each player should bring one 750pt army list, either Hordes or Warmachine. Turns will not be timed and the only measure of victory is survival.

The registration fee for this event is 10 cans of food.

Full rules can be found at:

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