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The Walking Dead of Necophan

Rules: 40k (much like playing with a kill team)

Models Required: None

Objective: Get your guys to the Ground to Orbit Vox Relay Station Bunker and send a message to your waiting ship.
Story: Sometimes a investigation goes wrong, this one went really wrong! Its seems that the few million people that lived on the planet have turned into warp zombies. No fault of your own, you really did try to keep him from reading the tomb. That’s all several days ago, your team has fought through 500kilometers of warp zombie hell and now your almost to the Ground to Orbit Vox Relay Station Bunker. Once there you'll be able to lock yourself into the safety of the bunker and vox your ship to tell them what’s happened. There’s no doubt that the planet will become a restricted area. With a blessing of the Emperor’s will, perhaps they'll actually come and get you before they begin bombing.

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