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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Attention Star Wars Fans

I just stocked the back issue bins with a ton of classic Marvel Comics Star Wars Issues. Including issue #1 and the VERY HARD to find final issue of the series.

Comic Collector Sets - 35% OFF

Save on pre-bagged comic collector sets such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Weapon X, and many many more. 35% OFF until they are sold.


Huge sale on most of our ANIME DVDs. Get 50% off their original price.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WarMachine/Hordes Special Events

Last Rampage in York - September 13, 2008

Start Times:
Registration : 1:00 pm
Table Setups : 1:50 pm
Round 1 : 2:00

What: 500 points, 2 Lists

How much: $5

Prizes: Summer Rampage Medals

Due to a tie in our Summer Rampage event we are resetting the stats and throwing down in a single day, Summer Rampage style (with Rampages and Finishing Moves). We will be using Steamroller 4 rules and scenarios but with all the added mayhem of Rampage.

New Steamroller 4 rules are here:

Call to Arms 2008 - Caspia Sul Incursions October 3- November 6

League Nights: Fridays 5-9 (but you can play any time the store is open.)

This is your last chance this year to grab those nifty Call to Arms medals. Every major force in the Iron Kingdoms is converging on Caspia/Sul. Seige brought down the walls but you can bring the pain to your opponents. 5 weeks of bloody urban fighting will decide who stands victorious.

Venue specific rules to follow.

Legends Legacies Release Event - October 11, 2008

Start Times:
Registration : 1:00 pm
Table Setups : 1:50 pm
Round 1 : 2:00

What: 750 points, 3 Lists

How much: $5

Prizes: Buttons for participation, and Legacies awards (see rules).


Bring two copies of your 3, 750 point lists. As per the rules, a character can only appear once in all three lists, including Warcasters/Warlocks. Example: Finn can be in list 2 but only list 2.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Magic - Shards of Alara Pre-Release Event

Magic - Shards of Alara Pre-Release event has been scheduled for Saturday, September 27 at 11AM. We are now taking pre-paid sign-ups, remember we have room for only 36 players. Sign-up now to ensure a spot.

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