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Warmachine and Hordes Update

Just wanted to let everyone know what has been happening in our local Warmachine and Hordes community.

On March 29, we had a tournament with 6 players trying out the not-yet-official tournament rules from Privateer Press. Pewter was flying across the table as the competitors tried to get their turns completed in the alloted 8 minutes. After a game of frenzied play, we all agreed that 8 minutes might be a bit too fast for now and changed the limit to 10 minutes. Games still progressed quickly but the danger of cardiac arrest greatly subsided. In the end, Mike Stephens stood victorious as his undead legions snagged both the best of Cryx and Champion awards. Dave Gentzler, also playing Cryx, took home the award for Best Painted Army.

On April 4th, a dry, howling wind ripped through Comic Store West as the Bloodstone Borderlands Tour of the 2008 Call To Arms League kicked off with a bang. By the end of the night, 15 players had played 9 games in the unforgiving land separating Western Immoren from the wasteland of the Bloodstone Marches. Dust storms, scalding hot geysers and aggressive cacti made a memorable night for all. If you haven't signed up yet there are still 4 weeks and several player slots open.

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